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#AliensAreAgainstMistreatmentOfAnimals [ENG]

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#AliensAreAgainstMistreatmentOfAnimals [ENG]

Mensagem por Ma' em Dom Abr 14, 2013 8:12 pm

You know how many animals are abandoned each day, throughout the world?
How many animals are killed by humans in the world?

Unfortunately this cruelty frightening numbers will not change, but we can help, because we still have people fighting to give these animals that do not have a family, a bit of comfort and love!

We, Aliens, are sensitized by our favorite artists to try to change a part of the world, we want to do it!


Join the project Hysteria with Eternity, send us your photo with the plaque: # Aliens are against mistreatment of animals, and you?
We will make a video with these photos and we will try to raise food for animal shelters.

Send us your photo until the day 14.05.2013

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